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D.N.A. – Dance. Night. Absolute.

About D.N.A.

Mrs. X releases new EDM album for electrifying dance nights
Singer with the Mask Mrs. X has recently released her new EDM album “D.N.A” which is all about some truly feet-tapping dance music along with beautiful poetic lyrics.
Exciting news for passionate feet-tappers who have been waiting for some truly fantastic dance music this year. Star pop singer Mrs. X has recently released her new EDM album with the promise of electrifying dance nights. Titled as “D.N.A. – Dance. Night. Absolute”, the latest album is packed with high energetic danceable remixes which will keep the listeners grooving for hours.

“D.N.A. – Dance. Night. Absolute” was released  along with Mrs. X’s de Luxe album “Pop á la carte de Luxe”. It is now available on all the major music streaming stations including Spotify, Google play music and iTunes.

“I am excited to announce the launch of my latest EDM album this month. It’s all about some serious feet-tapping rhythm which will bring out the inner carefree dancer in you. I am hopeful the album will gift some of the most thrilling nights at clubs or at crazy in-house parties with your gang”, stated Mrs. X while announcing the launch of her new EDM album.

“D.N.A.” is packed with 15 feet-tapping numbers. The premier of the release is the dance version of Mrs. X’s popular song “80 Miles Away”. The new rendition is especially designed for dance events.

“The EDM album is a must-have for EDM-lovers and especially DJs who are on the lookout of new supercool tracks to set the dance floor on fire.”
What sets the new album apart from other EDM renditions is its lyrics. Added to feet-tapping rhythm, each of the tracks are layered with soul-stirring poetic lines and every song in the album is a beautiful poem itself.
“Yes it’s true that dance music generally doesn’t care much about lyrics. But here with my new EDM album, I have tried to render a different flavor for my listeners. It’s a different kind of feeling to lose yourself in beautiful poetries while dancing your heart out to coolest of groovy music. The main mission of the album is to keep your feet moving while touching the strings of your nerves.”
D.N.A. is produced by London-based star musician Sefi Carmel- who has always been a prominent part of all Mrs. X’s releases. Sefi has even mixed and mastered the tracks to achieve a brilliant clear sound- just the thing needed for night clubs to create an unforgettable spirited environment on the dance floor.
Added to Sefi, a wide team of global talents has supported Mrs. X in completing the new EDM album. The remixes were recorded by top DJs from different parts of the world, including- Trash Dog (Australia), KZNZK (Brazil), O.J.K. (Latvia), Morsy (USA), Andy Sikorsky (USA), and many such elite names.
“It’s my passion to work with the best DJs all across the globe. Their creativity knows no bounds and their imagination is seamless and they bring to you a completely new perspective of your own music.”